Martian Music Machine 1

Touch Sensitive Manual Analog Synthesizer Controller

Machine 1’s main area of specialty is to provide real time control over pitch, timbre and loudness functions of voltage controlled musical synthesizer instruments. You can touch any one of its twelve programmable pads just like a traditional keyboard to initiate sounds.

Machine 1 is unlike a traditional keyboard in that each pad has its own tuning control allowing the musical intervals between pads to be adjustable and its touch sensitive surface feature allows continuous control over external voltage devices like oscillators, filters and amplifiers depending upon how much of the controlling pad’s surface is in contact with your finger.

Machine 1 is a standalone musical instrument. It has a very stable fixed on-board tone generator that can be used to play monophonic or single note melodies and can also be used a reference for tuning other terrestrial musical instruments to a standard scale.

Facsimile of Martian Music Machine 1's control panel with native language labeling.

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