Music From the Id

The recordings for the Music from the Id project were created on four prototype electronic musical instruments called Martian Music Machines designed by C. Chris Peters, built and engineered by Ronald Gaynor. The sounds on the recordings were inspired by the film score created by Louis and Bebe Barron for the 1956 science fiction film "Forbidden Planet". Unlike the self destructing vacuum tube circuits the Barrons used, the Martian Music Machines are solid state integrated analog synthesizers similar to the instruments made during the mid 1960's by Bob Moog and Don Buchla. Many of the complex tonal modulation sounds seem to take on lives of their own as they sing or sometimes scream in and out of existence. It is hoped that most extraterrestrials (and perhaps a few terrestrials) would find Music From the Id enjoyable to listen to.

Original Id alien music clips were composed and recorded by C. Chris Peters in the fall of 2009.

Id Music clip 1 Id Music clip 5 Id Music clip 9
Id Music clip 2 Id Music clip 6 Id Music clip 10
Id Music clip 3 Id Music clip 7 Id Music clip 11
Id Music clip 4 Id Music clip 8 Id Music Clip 12

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