Chris Peters - Long Island Children’s Museum “Theater of Sound” series.

I have designed and performed the following interactive musical shows using music to explain science concepts for theater audiences at the Long Island Children’s Museum.

Programs presented:

The Shape of Sound – The children see pitch, timbre, and amplitude on a giant oscilloscopic screen when various electronic and acoustic instruments are played.

Electronic Percussion – The children play and create rhythmic patterns on computer based percussion instruments.

Not-so-silent Silent film Show – The children play electronic and acoustic instrument to projected short films that are silent or have no music or sound effects.

Tour of the Planets – The children explore the planets in our solar system and have fun with spacey sounds used in science fiction movies.

Animal Communications – The children learn about the ways animals express themselves through smell, color, and sounds.

The Science of Scare – Mr. Monster’s Music Show –The children explore what it is to be scared, the truth about monsters on TV and in the movies, and learn how frightening noises are made.

Sounds With Stories - combines the telling of classic folk tales using digital technology and live music. The story is presented in much the same live radio programs were produced before television became common in households. While the story is read, audience members participate in adding mechanical and computer generated sound effects.

Music Meets Science © C.Chris Peters 2010 -