Music Meets Science Programs

Music meets Science offers an alternative view of music from the physics and mathematic perspectives. Most school-age students are exposed to music and science as separate domains. This program integrates music and science into one subject. Think of music as a practical way to apply physics and math skills. Musical creativity does not depend on the ability to read music or play an instrument. If students know how musical instruments operate, they will be more prepared to create their own music and gain new levels of apreciation.

There are two types of Music Meets Science programs; one being a performance for school assemblies and the other is a hands-on workshop for classrooms. Both types give students opportunities to interactively and creatively explore music and aspects of sound design using software, synthesizers and especially adapted soundmaking equipment. Many available class themes are designed to give students an overview of commonly used concepts employed in the music industry today.

Music Meets Science Program Descriptions
Turn Your PC into a Musical Instrument Course
Music Meets Science - After School
Music Meets Science Learning Standards

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