Session 5 – New Alternatives - Using Graphically and Vocally Controlled Synthesizers

Lesson Description: The connection between geometry and music is very is not new, however with the widespread availability of powerful personal computers, everyone can explore very sophisticated methods of mathematically creating and controlling sound using computer graphics. Music can be generated from fractal geometry, new waveforms can be drawn with a mouse and new music can be created using shapes.

Sounds can be shaped with the human voice and text can be spoken using synthesized speech and resynthsize existing sounds to create entirely new ones. Students have opportunities to work with specialized sound generating applications and control systems that use graphics and vocal elements to create alternative musical sounds and effects.

Key Terms: Granular Synthesis, Text to Speech, Fractal Geometry, Vocoder, Graphically Controlled Sound Synthesizer

Goals: Students will be able to create new sounds using graphically and vocally controlled synthesizer systems.


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