"Turn Your PC into a Musical Instrument" Curricula

Turn your PC into a musical instrument! Learn how to use your home computer to compose music, create sound effects and edit sound files. This hands-on class provides an overview of the basic concepts for using the PC as a synthesizer and original music production tool. Have fun making your own sound effects. Create or edit audio files. Learn basic synthesizer programming. Use the PC to compose your own music.

Content includes:

No computer programming experience or extensive technical knowledge is necessary. Students are not required to be able to play a musical instrument. The instructor will provide hands-on experience with programmable non computer-based electronic musical instruments and related hardware.

The class will meet for six sessions and is limited to 15 students.

Prerequisites: Interested students should have access to a recent PC running the Microsoft XP operating system with at least a 100.0 Mbps internet connection. It is also suggested that students have an email account to be able to save and retrieve their projects.

Session 1 – The Physics of Sound and Synthesizers
Session 2 – Recording, Sampling and Editing Sounds
Session 3 – Electronic Percussion, Special Effects and Creating Looped-based Music
Session 4 – Basic Synthesizer Programming
Session 5 – New Alternatives - Using Graphically and Vocally Controlled Synthesizers
Session 6 – Student presentations

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